La Cave is Chef Bill DeMarco’s intimate ode to small bites and savory plates, all complemented by fine wines, unique spirits and craft beers.

The Cellar

Whether you are hosting a reception for 50 or a dinner of 20 you can enjoy a true wine cellar experience replete with cobblewood floors, cozy nooks and low-slung ceilings. Just above, an LED light glows with ‘In Vino Veritas.” In wine there is truth. Indeed.

The Main Dining Room

Nestled between two wine rooms, the main dining room features a center bar and a ten-person share table perfect for wine tastings or special decanting events. Contemporary wooden tables and intimate booths can accommodate up to 50 guests for a seated event or 75 guests for a reception.

The Garden Lounge & Patio

With its mix-and-match custom chairs and tables, the Garden Lounge and Patio allows guests to relax in a living room-style atmosphere overlooking the Wynn resort pool. The lounge can accommodate up to 50 guests for a seated event or 100 guests for a reception.

For a truly special event, all three spaces can be combined to allow guests complete access to La Cave’s comfortable and unique sophistication.